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Resize PNG Instructions

Resize PNG is an online Size Altering apparatus, concerned with JPG images that facilitates you to alter the PNG Image files. Working with Resize PNG tool is easy and you can make the required modifications that you seek to change in the images, Resize PNG, has been coded with an interface that is interactive and too use Resize PNG follow the given set of steps that are cited below:

1. First of all you must specify PNG image file that you need to modify on Resize PNG, click on the Browse button to upload a PNG image you want to Resize. After uploading image on the server, a rectangular panel is shown at the right side which shows the properties about the uploaded image.

2.The second step is to set the width coordinates of the resultant image in the field of the Enter New Image Width option. Resize PNG will automatically set the Height coordinates for the resultant image. The Resize PNG lays prime emphasis on maintaining the quality of the Image.

3. In third step select the required Size of the Image from the Dropdown List of the Select New Image Size option. The sizes that are available range from 200KB to 1000KB, and 1MB to 10MB. The Resize PNG also offers Other Size option in the list that is available to reduce image size in terms of Kilobytes or Megabytes.

4.In this step you can convert the Image file into any other Format, you can select the Format from the Dropdown List of the Convert To option. Leave the field intact if you do not want to cause changes in the extension of of the image.

5. Click on the Convert button in right side bottom of the panel and you will be transferred to the download page of the Resize PNG, where your download file will begin automatically after clicking the Download File Here button. If your Download does not begin automatically, click on the Click Here To Download File button one more time, and you resultant image will be served by Resize PNG.