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How To Resize Picture

It is so simple and easy to make alterations in image through Resize Picture, as the said tool offers a bunch of safe and secure options that are easy to follow. The steps that are going to make you aware and capable for resizing picture in desired way are given as under:

1. In the very first step you have to click on the Browse button , an image panel is disclosed after selecting a required picture from the popup box that you want to make alteration, the selected picture automatically gets uploaded in the online tool of Resize Picture. Then the tool makes you aware about the picture size, format, width and height.

2. In the 2nd step as Enter New Image Width option is highlighted where you can make alteration in the width of the selected picture the height, that will simultaneously gets changed without polluting the picture quality. In case you have nothing to do with the width of image leave it and proceed further.

3. If you want to reduce image size, click on the drop down button default sizes from 200KB to 9MB gets disclosed choose the required size. If the required size is not available one more options namely Other Size is given where you can select the required size randomly.

4. For the format conversion of the selected picture you have to click on the dropdown list of Convert To option present on the online platform of Resize Picture. A list of picture formats get disclosed where you can choose the required format of the selected picture. In case you want to keep the format of the selected picture in given format then leave it and proceed to the fifth step.

5. In the last step click on the Convert button that takes you to the download page of the Resize Picture where you have to click on the download button, the downloading of the selected picture get started automatically. If there is any hindrance in downloading, then click on Download Here option for downloading the selected picture.