Resize Image Converter Steps To Keep Quality Lossless

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Instructions To Use Resize Image Converter

You can convert multiple images into multiple formats with the help of the Resize Image Converter that is very friendly to use without loosing the image quality. You can convert the image by simply flowing the basic steps that are given below and will bring desired results for you.

1. In the initial step, yo can click on the browse option and can select the favorite image which is to be altered. The image will get uploaded in the portal of Resize Image Converter by default, that will automatically show the specifications of your desired file.

2. After selecting the image, your second step is to enter the New Width of the images, you can enter the desired width according to your needs and after entering the new width, the height of the selected image will get automatically changed without furnishing any effect on quality and resolution. If you do not want to change width of the particular image you can also skip the field and proceed further.

3. In this step, you can enter the reasonable size of the image from the optional dropdown box, you can reduce image size in kilobytes to Megabytes or you can easily select the Other Size option and can enter the desired size of the image and proceed to next step.

4. In this step, you can convert the selected image into desirable images formats that are shown in the optional dropdown box. After clicking on dropdown box, you can convert the image into required format.

5. After completing the relevant fields, you can press on the Convert Button that will take you to the download page of Resize Image Converter. You can download the file by visiting on the download option and will be downloaded, in case if the file dose not download automatically, you can visit on the next option that is Click Here To Download File and you can save the edited image at your preferred location.