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Instructions To Resize Image By Percentage website has attained attractive attributes and are very user friendly that supports you to resize your images in terms of percentage without losing the resolution of the image. The following sequenced steps will obliviously help you to Resize Image By Percentage without facing any impediments:

1. Firstly, you need to visit the website then click on the Browse button. After making a click, an image panel will get displayed where you can select the required image that you want to resize. After clicking the Button the image will get uploaded in the website. The online platform of Resize Image by Percentage will show you retrieve information about the size, width and height of the image that you have uploaded.

2. The next step of the portal contains the option of Enter New Image Width where you can type the new width as per your constraints and one of the most exceptional attribute of it is that you do not need to worry about the height of the image as it gets automatically adjusted depending on the width of the image. Whenever you do not want to make any alteration to the image width, then leave the option blank to pave the way to the next step.

3. After advancing to the next step, the portal possess New image size option that supports you in order reduce image size according to your constraints. For that you have to click on the pointer on the right side and the portal will display you Dropdown list comprising diverse image sizes both in KB’s and MB’s. Here you have to make a click on the required size to go on to the next step.

4. When the above mentioned fields get finished, the portal of Resize Image by Percentage bestows Convert To button where you can change the layout of the required image into different formats. To perform this operation, click on the button on the right side that displays a Dropdown list possessing different image layouts. Here you have choice to select the required layout in which you want to convert your image that will not put any effect on the superiority and resolution of the image.

5. After filling all the specified fields, you have to click on the Convert button that will give you access to the download page. Now make a single click on Download button and your image will automatically get downloaded. Whenever any interruption occurs, then click again on the Click Here To Download File button that will display a panel that will support you to save your image to a desired location.