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Important steps To Rescale Image is a website that provides you with one of the most entertaining functionalities known as Rescale Image. Rescale Image can be used to reduce or minimize the size, width, height of the image. You need to follow some of the steps given below in order to Rescale Image:

1. Firstly, you have to choose an image that you want to rescale, therefore, click on the Browse option that displays the list of images with all the information such as the size, width, format of the image.

2. After selecting an image, go to the Enter New Image Width box and set the width of the image as per your specifications. The height of the image will be adjusted by default. If you don't need to set the width of the image, skip this step and keep it blank in order to proceed further.

3. The next step is to select the size of the image and to perform this operation click on the dropdown button of the Select New Image Size option that displays various sizes of the image. The range of these image sizes is from 200KB's to 10MB's, among which you can select the size of the image according to your needs. If you can't found required size then click on the other size option, where you can enter required size you need and effectively reduce image size.

4. The fourth step is the conversion of image from one format to another format, click on the Convert To option where you can select desired format you want.

5. After the conclusion of all the above step, click the Convert button at the bottom that takes you to the download page where you click on the Download File Here button and the image will be downloaded. In case the image will not get downloaded on the first attempt, click on the Click Here To Download File button once more.