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How To Reduce PNG Size

The has mapped the User Interface of the Reduce PNG Size in a manner that becomes easy for a User to gain an understanding about it. The Whole process of PNG Image Size reduction is brief and Users are hardly confronted with any complication and the prime stress is laid on keeping up with Quality of the end results. Reduce PNG Size, because of its uniquely charted layout presents the entire process of PNG Image Size Reduction in a series of less complicated steps that are easy to follow and consume fair amount of time. The steps to be considered during Reducing the Size of a PNG Image with the incorporation of Reduce PNG Size are cited below:

1. To upload the desired PNG Image file, click on the Browse button present at the panel. As soon as the Image file is uploaded on the server, a rectangular box containing the current information about the Image file will be displayed.

2. Enter the Width that you seek for the output Image in the Enter New Image Width option, Reduce PNG Size tool will automatically determine the required Height of the Image. In case you do not not want to switch the current resolution of the Image, proceed leaving the field untouched.

3. Click on the Dropdown List next to the Select New Image Size option, the List will provide various Sizes that you may prefer to, and in case you seek a distinct Size, click on the Other Size option and register the Size you desire in terms of of Kilobytes or Megabytes. No matter to which extent you intend to reduce image size, Reduce PNG Size causes no harm to the Image in terms of Quality and Resolution.

4. The Reduce PNG Size tool also allows you change the Extension that is currently associated with the Image file. In case you intend to change the Format of the Image, click on the Dropdown List of the Convert To option and select the desired Format, leave the field intact if you do not want to transform the Format of the Image.

5. After specifying all the aspects in the Reduce PNG Size tool, click on the Convert button and you will usher you towards the download page. On the download page you can, click on the Download File Here button and your download will be generated automatically, if anyhow download does not commence automatically click on the Click Here To Download File button for the second time and save the output image in the preferred location.