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How to use Reduce Photo Size

Now a day’s most online web sites needs from you specified area for uploading photos but in a limited or selected size, that results you have to resize or edit your image in anyhow. For those purposes the has introduced you a tool Reduce Photo Size that assists you online. Online Reduce Photo Size tool is the best option offered by that is totally easy and comfortable to use you will not face any trouble or something with using the tool Reduce Photo Size. The Reduce Photo Size, can be used by the following steps as under:

1. The first and foremost step is, you have to upload the photo by clicking on the Browse button on a panel. That you will choose the photo form you computer or mobile phone. After browsing the photo, you will see all the original details of the photo that includes of photo format, photo size, image height and width.

2. In case if you want to change the photo width, you can enter the width on the specified area for changing photo width by entering in Enter New Image Width tab on the panel.

3. If you want to reduce image size, you can change it by clicking on the dropdown list of Select New Image Size option and you will get available sizes in KB's or MB's. In addition to this, you can click on the other Size option for entering you own choice of sizes.

4. Another amazing feature is that you can Convert the format of your photos from one format to another. If you want to change format then select a required format you want in option .

5. At the end you have to choose Convert option that is located below on the panel. By clicking the convert button a new download page will be appear. Then you have to click on the Download File Here button, In case if you will not get download then press Click Here To Download File once more and select desired path.