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How To Reduce JPG Size

Reduce JPG Size, being a comprehensive part of the has been blue printed to comfort the User with the most interactive UI. Resizing a JPG Image is a task that involves no hassles and provide Quality end results. The Size of a JPG Image can be reduced by pursuing simple procedures that are mentioned below:

1. You can upload the desired JPG Image by clicking on the Browse button that is present at the top of the Reduce JPG Size panel. The current information pertaining to the JPG Image file will be displayed after the upload process completion, in a medium sized box.

2. In case you want to alter the Width of the Image file you can specify it in the field adjacent to the Enter New Image Width option. When you enter the new Width, the Reduce JPG Size will instantly decide the Height of the Image file. If you want proceed further by retaining original width, leave the Enter New Image Width field unchanged.

3. Select the desired parameters to reduce image size by clicking on the Dropdown List of Select New Image Size option. There is diverse range of Sizes that can be availed from the Dropdown List and in case you want any particular Size for your Image file, you can feed it inReduce JPG Size by clicking on the Other Size option, the Size can be entered in terms of KB's or MB's.

4. If you intend to Convert the Image file into any other Format, you can click on the Dropdown List of the Convert To option. The Extensions that are offered for the Conversion purpose. Proceed further leaving the field intact, in case you do not want to modify the original extension of the Image file.

5. Click on the Convert button displayed at the bottom of the panel after you have filed your specifications in each field and you will be ushered to the download page. On the download page click on the Download File Here button and your download will be generated automatically and in case download does not start automatically, once again click on the Click Here To Download File button and select the desired location for the Storage.