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Instructions To Use Reduce Image Size Windows

Basically, Reduce Image Size Windows is user friendly that will be handled easily by any user. Reduce Image Size Windows is framed in order to render efficient, comprehensive and immense results while reducing the size of the image as compared to other image editing tools that are complicated and has hassles for using these tools. Reduce Image Size Windows is the online portal that are very convenient in terms of use and is hassle free to reduce image size. For the user, the Reduce Image Size windows is present 24x7 for their ease. In order to reduce Image Size, one has to follow instruction that are mentioned in detail below:

1. If you want to reduce the size of the image visit at the online portal namely After the page appears on the screen, then click on the Browse button. Where you can choose the desired image which you want to reduce, a dialog box will appear that gives the exact properties of your image, on the panel of Reduce Image Size Windows.

2. After completing the Browse, enter the desired width in the Enter New Image Width option. If you don't want to alter the desired width, then leave the option blank.

3. To Select New Image Size of the browsed image which ranges from 100KB to 1000KB's and 1MB to 10MB's, if you didn't get the required size, you can click on Other Size option, a new panel will get displayed below, where you can enter your preferred coordinates to reduce image size.

4. After these steps, the next option render to change format from one extension to another, if you want to change format then select desired format.

5. After clicking on the convert button, you will be directed to the download page of Reduce Image Size Windows. To initiate download your file, click on the Download File Here button, your file will be download shortly. In case if the download cannot complete automatically, you can Click Here To Download File button once more to download the file in your desired storage location.