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How To Reduce Image Size Online

The Reduce Image Size Online is an online medium that offers diverse range of Image Editing tools meant to equip the Users around the World. As compared to the other Image size reducing portals, the Reduce Image Size Online offers an exceptional online podium that provides solution to all of your Image Editing needs. To reduce the Size of an Image on Reduce Image Size Online consider the procedures stated below:

1. The UI of the Reduce Image Size Online has been devised to act as a guide for you, ensuring that you are not bothered by any difficulty in terms of use. To upload a Image file to be reduced on the Reduce Image Size Online server, click on the Browse button that is present on the Panel and specify the Image to be operated. When the Image is completely uploaded, a text box will appear displaying the current Image Size, Image Width, Image Height and Image Format.

2. You can also modify the current dimensions of the Image by entering the width coordinates in Enter New Image Width option. The Height of the Image will be determined automatically, causing no degradation to the Image Quality.

3. Click on the Dropdown List of the Select New Image Size option, to select the new Size for the Image. The Sizes that are already made available in the List range from 200 Kilobytes to 10 Megabytes. In case you want input a Size of your own choice, click on the Other Size option in the List and specify the Size in terms of Kilobytes or Megabytes. No matter what Size you enter as inputs to reduce image size, in any case the Quality of the Image will not be degraded.

4. The Convert To option available on the panel lets you change the Format of the Image, keeping the Quality intact. Select the Format from the Dropdown list that you seek for the end result, in case you do not want to convert the Image proceed without making any changes.

5. When you have specified all the inputs in every field, click on the Convert button located at the bottom of the panel and you will be ushered to the download section of the Reduce Image Size Online where you will be able to download the Image. Click on the Download File Here button of the download page and your download will begin automatically and if the download does not begin click the Download button once again.