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Using Reduce Size GIF

Reduce GIF Size is an Image Editing element of the that can be accessed through Computer and Mobile platforms as well. By availing help from the Reduce GIF Size one reduce the Size of a GIF Image file to any desired degree without diminishing the Image in terms of Quality. The Reduce GIF Size comprises of the following steps that are well defined below:

1. The GUI of the Reduce GIF Size has been concocted by the with an idea to provide all the necessary information regarding the Image Editing processes involved, in a way that is clearly understandable. On the panel provided on Reduce GIF Size, click on the Browse button to upload a GIF Image of your choice. When the Image file is uploaded on the server, a rectangular box will appear that will acknowledge you about the current aspects of the uploaded Image.

2. You can also change the Width of the Image in the Enter New Image Width option, that is also crafted on the panel of Reduce GIF Size. When you enter the desired width for the Image, the Reduce GIF Size will predict the Height parameters of Image automatically.

3. Select the Size in the Select New Image Size option for the Image. The Sizes that are already made available ranges from 200KB to 10MB. Click on the Other Size option in case you want enter a Size of your own choice, Kilobytes or Megabytes are the aspects in which you can reduce image size.

4. You can also transform the current extension associated with the Image in the Convert To option, proceed further without making any changes in the Convert To option if you do no want change the existing Format.

5. After specifying all the parameters in every option, click on the Convert button at the bottom of the panel and you will be taken to the download page of the Reduce Size GIF. On the download page of the Reduce GIF Size, your download will initiate automatically as soon as you click the Download File Here button. Click the Download button one more time in case the download does not begin automatically