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How To Use Reduce BMP Size

Reduce BMP Size is an ingenious concept put forth by that is concerned with the BMP Image files. The User Interface of the Reduce BMP Size has been blueprinted with an intention to provide the results within less amount of time and that outshine in terms of Quality. The processes involved in application of the Reduce BMP Size are cited below:

1. The Graphical Interface of the Reduce BMP Size is presented in an orderly manner that it becomes convenient for usage. To upload a BMP Image file of preference, click on the Browse button displayed at the panel of the Reduce BMP Size, shortly a text box exhibiting the prevailing aspects of the Image file will be displayed.

2. To change the Width of the Image file, specify the inputs in the field adjacent to the Enter New Image Width. The Reduce BMP Size tool will automatically set the parameters for the Height of the Image. If you do not want to alter the width of Image, leave the field blank.

3. Select the inputs to which extent you intend reduce image size from the Dropdown List corresponding to the Select New Image Size option. The available Sizes range from 200 Kilobytes to 10 Megabytes. The Other Size option is also made available in case you want to specify a Size of a desired choice in terms of KB's or MB's.

4. The Convert To option present on the Reduce BMP Size lets you transform the Image from one extension to another without effecting the Quality of Image. Leave the field intact in case you want to proceed further without changing the Image file extension.

5. Click on the Convert button placed at the bottom of Reduce BMP Size panel to usher towards the download page. Click on the Download File Here button on the download page and your download process will initiate automatically and in case if the download does not begin automatically, click on the Click here To Download File button one more time and select the destination to save the end result.