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PNG To JPG Picture format Instructions

Changing Picture format is an Image Editing tool of the to transform the format from PNG to JPG that can be accessed through online. By following a simple steps procedure, anyone can make format image in other format with best quality. These steps are mentioned below one by one:

1. Open the image you want to transform the format from PNG to JPG. Click Browse Button, Select your image, a rectangular box will appear as soon as the image get uploaded on the server of

2. After complete first step you can enter width in Enter New Image Width in input field option, on the Image Resize width panel enter the desired width for the Image, and Height of the Image will automatically resized.

3. If you want to reduce image size then, click on the Dropdown List Select New Image Size option in the List. In dropdown Button Other Size is also made for KB to MB, so that you can enter the desired inputs of size in terms of KB's or MB's.

4. The 4th step is render to convert image into other formats like GIF, BMP,ICO, PSD, etc., now click on Convert To Dropdown button option which allows you to change the Format of the uploaded Image from PNG to Gif or any other format.

5. After all proceed all information towards the download page of the PNG To JPG, click on the Convert button at the bottom right side. The processing bar will be present on your browser, it means your image is changed to other format you have chosen, after the complete processing bar then new window is displayed and your download will begin within no time, if any how the download does not start shortly click the Download button one more time and select the desirable path to save the Image file.