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Instructions Of How To Use Minimize Picture Size Software

The Minimize Picture Size Software is the unique tool for the picture editing incorporated by, and is the best platform to design the new software of Pictures and modify that picture software in a unique, brilliant and excellent procedure that really provides a refreshing enhancement and technological way of new thinking for the picture software. The best methods that assists and gives a path to you in order to reach your purpose of the Minimize Picture Size Software are as follows:

1. Initially you have to visit the main interface of Minimize Picture Size Software tool.

2. Then to go to the Browse Button and upload your desired picture that you want to minimize. After the uploading of picture all the characteristics will get displayed in a popup of the Minimize Picture Size Software that comprises of image format, image height, image width and image size.

3. After that You have to click at the option of Select New Image Size that shows a dropdown list from that you can choose your desired size that starts from 200 KB to 10 MB.

4. If you don't find your desired size from the dropdown list, than you can click at the option of Other Size and enter your desired choice to reduce image size in terms of megabytes and kilobytes. This is one of the amazing feature that is available at tool of Minimize Picture Size Software.

5. In the next step you have to click at the option of Covert To option that offers a dropdown button where you can select various picture software formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, BMP, ICO.

6. At last You have to click at Convert button and a new button Click Here To Download will get displayed at tool of Minimize Picture Size Software, and you have to click on this specific button to download your photo.