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How To Minimize Photo File Size

The application imageresizerjpgtopng is quite different from other applications. Most of the users are unable to access other application because of facing several complications. Subscriber are not able to redesign the photo and not received a fruitful outcome but with the help of minimizer photo tool that assists them in very simple way.

1. Firstly click on the Browse button to upload a photo according to the need. All the original specifications of the photo will be displayed automatically, that includes image format, image size, image height and width.

2. In the second step, You can reduce image size by entering the desired photo size in the Select New Image Size option. You can select the size ranging from 200 to 1000KB's and 1MB to 10MB's in dropdown list. If you cannot found a desirable size, then you can click on the Other Size Option in the Select New Image Size option, where you can find a suitable size.

3. In the third step, You can also make a conversion of your photo if you want to change photo from one format to another.You have to go to the Convert To option for making conversion and you can change formate into JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, etc.

5. After putting all the fields now you can, click on the Convert button and the Minimize Photo File Size will usher you towards the download page. On the download page of the Minimize Photo File Size, click the Download File Here button and your download will be generated automatically by the Minimize Photo File Size, if anyhow download does not commence automatically click on the Click Here To Download File button for the second time and save the output image in the preferred location.