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  (Optional) is an Online application platform, that is developed for the ease and convenience of users for giving their images an attractive and a new look. The main focus of Minimize Image Size is customers satisfaction, the platform is very attractive and user friendly and easy to understand. Minimize Image Size allows you to minimize photo file size. If you want to change the width of your image, the height of your image will be automatically changed. The tool of Minimize Image Size is new a part of tool, that allows you to minimize image size online from Megabytes to Kilobytes, Kilobytes to Megabytes, so that your needs and requirements are fulfilled. Apart from changing the size of the image, user can also change the extension of your file in a very quick and efficient manner using the innovative tool of Minimize Image Size. This platform can be used by any user, anywhere at any time. The interface of the Minimize Image Size tool is quiet innovative and offers a new experience to edit all your complicated photographs without any problem. Various conversion alternatives are also made available such as JPEG to PNG Converter and much more.

Functionality Of Minimize Image Size

Minimize Image Size is a tool, that is rendered by, helps the user for reducing their Image size. Working with Image resizer platform is not a big deal and is not difficult at all, even the layman can use this application for minimizing their images. The users who want to know about the functionality of Minimize Image Size can read these steps mentioned below:

Firstly, you have to visit, that will open an interface where you have to submit the details of your image. The user can click on the Browse button, for extracting their file from the system to the online tool of Minimize Image Size. Once the file is extracted from your system, your image description like the present format, width, height will be displayed. You can look at the description of your image and enter Enter New Image Width accordingly in the third field of the interface. You can select a specific size from the Select New Image Size drop down box for your image or you can also mention the size by clicking on other size option in the dropdown box, and thereby reduce image size. The platform of Minimize Image Size only allows you to minimize the size of your image, you can also maximize the size of your image but the resolution of your image will be effected. Apart from this you can also change the format of your file from PNG to JPG, GIF to PNG, BMP to PNG, ICO to JPG, etc. You can also change the width of your image, by changing the width of your image the height of your image will be changed automatically.

Once you are done with it, you have to click on Convert Button to get your file minimized. After finishing these steps you will be redirected to the download page, where you can download your new image file by clicking on the button Download File Here button. This is how the interface of Minimize Image Size works.