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How To Use JPEG Optimizer

The JPEG Optimizer is schemed to provide standard end results without any complications. All the steps for Optimizing a JPEG Image in the JPEG Optimizer are simple and easy to understand. Following a series of steps you can complete all the processes involved inJPEG Optimizer in a brief time period, the steps to be followed are:

1. On the JPEG Optimizer interface click on the Browse button displayed on the screen and select of the JPEG Image of your choice, irrespective of the Size of Image, as the there are no restriction on the Size of the Image to be Optimized. When the JPEG Image file is uploaded on the portal, a small box will appear on the screen, that shows the current statistics of the Image.

2. When you are done with the Uploading of JPEG Image file, enter the new Width you desire for the JPEG Image file to be Optimized in the field corresponding to Enter New Image Width option. When you enter the Width, the JPEG Optimizer will automatically adjust the new Height of the Image.

3. Select the Size of the resultant JPEG Image that you seek from Select New Image Size option. The listed Sizes range from 200 to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB and in case you want to enter voordinates of your own choice to reduce image size, click on the Other Size option. The Other Size of the JPEG Optimizer allows you to enter any size in terms of KB's and MB's.

4. If you want to change the current extension of the JPEG Image you can also click on Dropdown List of Convert To option and select required format.

5. When you have specified all the fields as per your requirements, click on the Convert button to proceed towards the download page. Click on the Download File Here button and your download will initiate automatically, if it does not click the Click Here To Download File button one more time.