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Procedure For Using The Image Size For Twitter

Image Size For Twitter is the very quick and the decisive online tool offered by the that enables you to change the dimensions and the format of the image. With this attractive service you can change the dimensions of the image within minutes. You can change the Width, Size and Format of the image, through the following mentioned Steps.

1. To display the image on the Image Size For Twitter, you have to click on the Browse button and select the desired image that whose dimensions you need to change. It displays the image on the tool bar along with its original characteristics such as the width, size, resolution and many more.

2. After this you have to click on the Enter New Image Width button and the enter the required the width of the images you need. If you doesn't need to fill this interface you can move forward and leave this interface blank.

3. You can now click on the Dropdown button of Select New Image Size option to reduce image size in terms of the KB's and MB's. If you don't find the required size from the Dropdown you can then choose the Other Size option and accomplish the required size in the interface provided.

4. Thereafter you can change also the format of the image by clicking on the Dropdown button of Convert To provided by the Image Size For Twitter empowers you to change the format of the image from JPG to PNG, PNG to GIF, GIF to BMP, BMP to JPG and many more that you felted in your daily needs.

5. After performing all the above activities, then you have to click on the Convert button that is present beneath the bottom of Image Size For Twitter that displays the download option.

6. At last you have click on the Download File Here button that would consequently download the required image you needed for keeping that as a profile picture of Twitter or for some other daily need purposes.