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Procedure For Using Image Size For Facebook

Image Size For Facebook is a hassle free portal provided by the and is very convenient and easy accessible service used for editing the images. With this prolific portal tool customers can use this service 24 hours for illuminating the photo editing requirements. Users can use this innovative portal tool through the following feasible steps.

1. To insert the image on the interface for the Image Size For Facebook, user needs to click on Browse button in order to upload a desired picture as per the users wish. It displays the original contents of picture like width, size and format without altering the picture.

2. After this users can alter the image by changing the width of image simply by clicking on the Enter New Image Width button and the affix desired width of the image. If user doesn't want to alter the width of image, he can proceed further by leaving this blank.

3. Now the user can reduce image size by simply clicking on the Drop Down List of Select New Image Size that enables users to select their desired size of the images in terms of KB's or MB's. If the user doesn't find the required size of the image from the Dropdown List he can use the Other Size and enter the required size of the image in term of KB's or MB's.

4. also enables its users to change the format of the image along with the width and size of Image by clicking on the Convert To and use the Dropdown List in order to select the format of the image. Users can choose the different formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF and many more.

5. After completing all the above interfaces users had to then click on the Convert button present at the panel of Image Size For Facebook, you will be able to download image by clicking Download File Here button. Thereafter click on the Click Here To Download File button your image will be download shortly, and you can save image at the desired location.