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Getting Started With Image Size Converter

To convert the size of any image with Image Size Converter, is quiet easy and hassle free besides it facilitates you with the innovative and user friendly also empowers you with other divergent photo editing tools and functions like Image Optimizer, and Image Enlarger, etc. To convert the size of an image, by employing Image Size Converter you have to follow certain procedures that are given below for the easy understanding of the tool:

1. Click on the Browse button to upload your preferred image of any format and size on Image Size Converter. The tool will display the original characteristics/dimensions of the image, that will remain unchanged until you conclude the complete editing. It will display the Image Format, File Size, Image Height, and Width.

2. Apart from changing the size, you can also change the resolution of an image on Image Size Converter, by entering the required width in the Enter New Image Width option. If not, you can leave the field blank and proceed further.

3. Then click on the Select New Image Size button and select the desired size from the Dropdown list to reduce image size. If you could not find the desired size from the Dropdown list you can click on the Other Size option from the Dropdown List and a new panel will be displayed, where you will be facilitated to enter your desired Size in KB's or MB's for your Image on Image Size Converter.

4. You can also click on the Dropdown Tab of the Convert To option, available on the panel of Image Size Converter to transform the format of an image from one format to another. Image Size Converter facilitates you to transform the image from JPG to PNG, PNG to GIF, JPG to BMP, and many other formats that are in trend and common use.

5. After completing all these above procedures, click on the Convert Button, to proceed towards the download page of the Image Size Converter, where you can download the image file by clicking Download File Here Button and your download will be initiated automatically. Click on the Click Here To Download File if the download does not start automatically.