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Instructions Required In Using Image Size Calculator

Image Size Calculator is the most influential web portal that is the outcome of Image Size Calculator is working as per the expectations of customers in order to make their world colorful by rendering the online image resizing service. In order to avail the benefits of the image resize you need to follow the below mentioned step:

1. The Image Size Calculator tool of the provides you the interface where you can opt for the resize of your desired image. First you have to click on Browse button and select the desired image whom you want to resize it. This interface has the specified box that displays the original contents of the image such as Width, Size, Format and many more.

2. Now you can change the width of the image that you want to alter for some personal use. You have to click on the Enter New Image Width option and enter the Width of image according to your requirements. If you doesn't want to enter the width of image then you can move forward by leaving this interface blank.

3. Image Size Calculator also permits you to reduce image size in terms of the KB's and MB's. You have to click on Dropdown list of Select New Image Size that displays the size parameters from 200 to 1000KB's and 1 to 10MB's. Here you can change the size of image from MB to KB and vice verse. If you don't find the required data from the Dropdown list then you can choose the Other Size option and enter your required data in the interface provided.

4. With the essence of Image Size calculator you can also change the format of the image by clicking on the Dropdown button of the Convert To portal. You can change the format of the image from JPG to PNG, PNG to GIF, GIF to BMP and many more other formats that you felt in your daily life.

5. After performing all the above activities you have to then click on the Convert button that would display the download page. Then click on the Download File Here button that will automatically download the required image that could you save at the desired location. In case download doesn't initiate then click on the Click Here To Download File button once more.