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Guidelines To Use Image Resizer Pixels

Image Resizer Pixels does the image altering process very easily. Image Resizer Pixels is one of its kind web tool which lets you to access your images in a new and effective way. Image Resizer Pixels amends your pictures into most suitable and fascinating manner. Image Resizer Pixels helps you to make your pictures suitable to fit on the various web portals, as numerous web portals does not support your image size in any way, so here you can make your images suitable for those web portals as well. Following are the complete guidelines on how to get started with Image Resizer Pixels:

1. Visit the web portal and click on the Browse button, so that you can select an image from your computer system for altering. After choosing the image, it will get uploaded and all the related details about selected image will be shown shortly on the panel.

2.Enter New image Width button which lets you to change the width of image in dimension, if u wish to change the image width you have to simply enter new image width or you can leave that field with out any change in width.

3. In case you need to reduce image size, you have make a click on Select New Image Size button and have to choose image size from the drop down menu which ranges from 200KB to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's. If your desired image size is not available in the drop down menu you can click on Other Size option.

4. If you are in a need to convert the format of your image you have to click on Convert To button to select the preferred image format from the drop down list. This tab offers image formats such as PSD, ICO, BMP, JPG, etc.

5. After performing all preferred changes to your selected image, now click on Convert button to make your new image ready to download.

6. Clicking on Convert button, you will be directed to download page. Click on Download File Here button to begin download.

Step 7 In case download doesn't start automatically then click on Click Here To Download File button to start the downloading.