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Procedure To Use Image Resizer Online

Image Resizer Online is an essential aspect of the, as it concentrates to utterly meet the requisites of the user. To use Image Resizer Online on is a task that can be performed with ease and excellence, moreover the quality of the output image remains unaffected. The Image Resizer Online tool offered by the focuses on changing the size of an image and can used by following the user friendly procedure mentioned below:

1. The interface of the Image Resizer Online is quite understandable and easy to use, as the interface has been blue printed to serve the user what he desires. You can upload the image that you want to reduce in terms of size by clicking on the Browse button, after the file has been uploaded on the Image Resizer Online, a dialog box depicting the current parameters of the image will appear.

2. In case you intended to change the resolution of the image, Image Resizer Online will also serve you in that aspect. You can enter the desired Width in a filed corresponding to the title, Enter New Image Width. If you do not want to alter the dimensions of the image, you can leave the field box intact.

3. After specifying the Width, you can select the parameters to which extent you intend to reduce image size in the Dropdown List and in case you do not find the size that is relevant, you can select the Other Size option in the Dropdown List and enter the size you want.

4. If you intend to change or convert the format of the image, you can specify it in the Convert To field, as their are various formats already available in the Dropdown List.

5. When you have specified all of your desired requisites in all the fields of Image Resizer Online, click the Convert button placed below, a different screen will appear showing the Download File Here button. After clicking the Download File Here button your download will initiate and you will be able to save the image file in the desired location.