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Instructions To Use Image Resizer Microsoft

Image Resizer Microsoft is worth wile to use for altering of your images, it makes them best in quality in terms of conversion of image format, modifying the image size and dimensions. Image Resizer Microsoft helps you to make your pictures immense stuffed in every way. Image Resizer Microsoft makes your needs of image altering come alive along with great features. Image Resizer Microsoft offers various features in changing the Width, Height of Images, transforming the image formats, modifies the image size in terms of Pixels. Image Resizer is very much easy to use, below are mentioned steps to use, these guidelines will assist you through whole process of image altering:

1. By Clicking Browse button you will now be able to choose from one of your images from your computer system on which you want to make alterations. Selected image details will be shown in a box like Image Format, File size, Image height, Image width, etc.

2. If you want to change the width of your selected image there is a Enter New Image Width button that is meant to do the size changing task, if you don't want to do so you can leave that field without entering any figure.

3. In case you want to reduce image size, click on the Select New Image Size dropdown and chose from the drop down menu, in which the range of image sizes are available from 200 to 1000 Kilobytes and 1 to 10 Megabytes. If the sizes available did not match your requirements then there is a Other Size option which makes you able to enter the new image size as per your requirement.

4. The most promising feature is Convert To button that lets you to convert your selected image's format to different formats.

5. After performing all these steps make a click on Convert button located at the bottom of panel to make your image downloadable. Clicking on Convert will direct you to download page where there is Download File Here button, you have to make a click on that button to download your image.