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To Get Started With Image Resizer For Windows 7

Image Resizer for Windows 7 is web based tool that deals with the so many aspects of editing the pictures despite how small in size is your image, what format does it consist or how much width in Pixels does your image has, Image Resizer for Windows 7 will amend all your image's compulsions to build up the best quality and dimension to your images. Image Resizer for Windows 7 hence provides you the suitable conditions that you find in a web portal for image altering. Image Resizer for windows 7 makes you to convert original size of your images to a new and effective size. The detailed description about how to use Image Resizer for Windows 7 is given below:

1. On the interface of, make a click on Browse button to select the image to be altered. After clicking on that tab selected image will be uploaded and image details will shown up in a box.

2. In case you want to alter the dimensions of the selected image as in width, click on Enter New Image Width button to change the width.

3. You can also reduce image size by clicking on the Select New Image Size button, from a drop down menu that consists of image sizes that ranges from 200 KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's. If the drop down menu does not consist the required image size then you have to click on Other Size option which access you to enter your desired image size.

4. If you need to transform image's format, you have to click on Convert To button which allows you to convert the format of your selected image into the other different formats. The drop down menu of formats include PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc, from these formats you can choose the new format for your image.

5. After performing all these steps to give your image a different look in aspects of Dimensions, Format, Width and Size, now you have to click the Convert button which is present on the right bottom corner of the panel that makes your new edited image ready to download.

6. After clicking on the Covert button you will be steered to Download page of new image, on the interface of the download page there is Download File Here button, you have to click on that button and the downloading will be started automatically. In case download did not initiate automatically you have to click on Click Here To Download File button and image will be downloaded shortly.