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Instructions To Use Image Resizer Calculator

It is the online gate that does broad range of editing irrespective how small in size is your picture, what format does it have or how much breadth does your picture has, Image Resizer Calculator will refashion all your picture requirements to enhance the quality and extensions of your pictures. The whole idea of Image Resizer Calculator is to provide all necessary requirements that a person can relish on. Following are the complete guidelines to get you accessible to this phenomenal element of, to transform you image's size, format, breadth etc., follow the steps stated below,

1. On the interface of the web page of, Click on the Browse button that is shown in the panel which is present on the user interface and look for the preferred image that you want to refashion, after selecting the image there will instantly shown up the complete detailed box of your selected image such as original size, format and dimensions.

2. After you figure out the details of your selected image, you can now proceed to edit your selected image to some phenomenal features and extensions.

3. There are certain option available to edit of your images, that are "Transform to New Image Width", "Transform to New Image Size" and "Convert to New Image Format".

4. If you wish to change your selected image's breadth to your desired limit, you have to make a click on the Enter New Image Width if don't want to change your selected image's width you can leave that option as it is.

5. After this option there is available another option for reducing image size that is Select New Image Size this is actually a drop down list which consists of various size options that ranges from 200KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's. If you do not find your desired size in the drop down menu, then their is a supplementary option of Other Size this option makes you to enter your desired size limit.

6. If you wish to transform your Image's Format their is an option of Convert To this option makes you to select the new format for your selected image, make a Click on the Dropdown list of Convert To option and select your desired format.

7. After going through all these above mentioned guidelines your image is now ready to be downloaded, their is a button present on the right bottom corner of panel named Convert, you have to make a Click on this Convert button and you will be directed to the download page of your new desired image, their is a button of Download File Here you have to make a click on this button and your image will be downloaded shortly.