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To Get Started With Image Resizer App

Image Resizer App is an exclusive featured app that allows you to make superior changes to your image on the basis of image size, image format, etc. Image Resizer App provides great sense of image altering as it has got exclusionary aspects to offer you for altering your images. Image Resizer App has been developed in such a way that it has proved a helping hand in transforming the formats and sizes of images in very agreeable manner. Image Resizer App fits suitably on your mobile handset and consume less data as compared to other online web portals. Image Resizer App lets you access to compact featured platform where image altering is much more easier and timely. Following are the instructions to make you experience the surprising advantages of Image Resizer App,

1. Visit the homepage of, there you will observe the user friendly interface that offers you the surprising benefits of the web portal.

2. To get started you have to click on a Browse button on the panel that allows you to look for the image that you need to refashion, soon after choosing the image all the details about the selected image will be displayed in a box.

3. If you wish to change the width of an selected image you have to click on Enter New Image Width button that is present on the panel and then enter a new width as per your requirement.

4. If you need to reduce image size you have make a click on Select New Image Size button which is in dropdown list, the drop down list consists of a wide range of sizes which varies from 200KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10 MB's. In the case that their is no desired size available in the drop down menu you can click on Other Size option and can enter a new size according to your need.

5. To transform your image's original format to new available format there is a Convert To button on the panel that lets you to change format of your selected picture.

6. By performing all these steps now your selected image is ready to be downloaded as a new and customized image, on the panel there is present a button on the right bottom corner named Convert, you have to make a click on that and you will be steered to Download page, where Download File Here button is present, click on that button and your image will be downloaded on your computer system shortly. If the download does not initiate, click on the Click Here To Download File button.