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Using The Image Optimizer

The Image Optimizer is one of the most inventive Image Optimizing tool that is the brainchild of The prime motive behind the genesis of the Image Optimizer is to serve the users with best online Image Optimization equipment that exceeds that the expectations of a user in every aspect. Image Optimizer is a simple, but effective idea that is convenient to use. A series of simple steps are ought to be followed to initiate the Image Optimizer and they are dictated below:

1. On the user interface of Image Optimizer, click the Browse button and select the Image file intended to be optimized. When you upload the image file on Image Optimizer, a dialog box will show up showing the currents aspects of the Image like Current Format, Current Image Size and Image Resolution.

2. After the Image to be optimized is selected, you can enter the new Width of the Image in the field adjacent to the Enter New Image Width option. If you do not want to modify the width of the image you can leave the field blank. The image height calculator will automatically adjust the height of the image when you enter the width coordinates. The Image Optimizer also serves as a medium to shrink image online.

3. Now select the size to which extent you want to reduce image size, the available sizes range from 200KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's. In case the size you are looking for is not listed in the Dropdown List, you can clarify it in terms of KB's or MB's by clicking the Other Size option.

4. Along with the Image Optimization, if you desire to change the format of the Image you can specify it in the Convert To field, the formats listed in the Dropdown List are diverse in number.

5. After all the fields of Image Optimizer are filled, you can proceed to download the end result by clicking on the Convert button, you will be taken to the download page where you can click the Download File Here button to download the resultant Image file. The download begins automatically when you click the Download File Here button, in case the download does not initiate click on the Click Here To Download File button one more time.