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Instructions Of Image Height Converter

The Image Height Converter helps a lot in the process of increasing heights through unique procedure and better ways. Image Height converter gives an opportunity of increasing and decreasing the height. There are various methods for the procedure of the Image Height Converter that are illustrated above:

1. You have to Click on Browse button and upload your photo that you desire to minimize. After the uploading of the photo all the original characteristics like Image Format, Image Height, Image width as well as image size will get displayed. When you enter the width for the image in the field, the image height calculator will automatically judge the suitable height for the image.

2. After that You have to go to the Select New Image Size that are presented with a dropdown list from that you can your select your desired size that starts from 200 to 1000KB's and 1 to 10 MB's.

3. If you don't get your preferred size from the dropdown list, than there is a choice of Other Size option on which you can click and enter your wanted size in terms of Megabytes and Kilobytes and reduce image size.

4. To change the format of the images you have to click on the Convert To option and select the desired format from the dropdown list.

6. Lastly You have to click on Convert button, your image will be processed shortly, a new window page will be shown, where you can press Download File Here in case of your image can't begin automatically you can Click Here To Download Fileonce more, your file will be downloaded shortly.