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Steps Showing How To Use Image Height Calculator

The most accessible and accurate tool that is devised by possess many attributes that allows a user to perform different image formatting operations. In order to use Image Height Calculator according to the desired size, a user needs to follow the following sequenced steps:

1. Click on Browse button to upload photos from your device, there are no restrictions for the photo dimension and the photo format. The platform of Image Height Calculator accepts all types of picture formats like PNG, JPG, Gif and many more.

3. Underneath the Browse button, there is an option Enter New Width through which you can enter preferred Width of the image as per their requirements, it automatically adjusts the height of the picture. If the user does not want any alteration in width and height of the picture, he can skip this option.

4. Next step is to Select New Image Size option, a dropdown list will appear in which user can set default size to reduce image size. If sizes mentioned in the list does not meet your requirements, there is an Other Size option through which you can write preferred size for the picture in kilobytes and Megabytes.

5. Beneath the New Image Size Column, there is a choice option Convert To. You can select preferred format for the picture. i.e. if a user has a JPG file and he wants to change it to PNG, he can select the PNG option from the dropdown list.

6. The final step is to click on the Convert button placed on the down corner of the Image Height Calculator. After pressing the Convert button, it addresses you to the download page and a picture will start to download. In case if the page does not redirect the picture, there is an alternate option of downloading file manually by clicking on the button Click Here To Download File to store the file at the desired location.