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Instructions to alter Image Height and width Percentage

Image Height and width Percentage is an online Size Altering apparatus that facilitates you to alter the image Height and width Percentage. Working with platform you can do something which you want to change in images, this software is easy and understandable software. To use the Image Height and width Percentage follow the steps that are cited below:

1. On the Home page of the website you will find the Browse button. Click on it and upload an image from the selected location. The Image Height and width Percentage will display the current attributes of the image.

2. After uploading the picture, click on the next option Enter New Image Width, here you can write desired width of an Image. The image Height will automatically change after entering the width of an image. Suppose, If user sets 500 pixels width of the image it will automatically calculate the suitable height percentage of the image.

3. Select New Image Size option in the next step, where you can reduce image size. If sizes displayed in the list does not meet the your requirements, there is an alternate option Other Size through which you can write desired size for the image in KB's and MB's.

4. Below the New Image Size Column, there is a Convert To option. Users can select desired format for the image, e.g if user has a PNG file and he wants to convert it to JPG, he can select the JPG option from the drop-down list.

5. In the final step click on the Convert button. After clicking on it, it takes the users to the download page of Image Height and width Percentage and an image will start to download. In case if the page does not automatically download the image, there is an alternate option of downloading the file by simply clicking on the button Click Here To Download, then users can easily save the image at their preferred locations.