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Procedures To Use Image Height and Width

Image Height and Width is the prominent online tool renders comprehensive results that satisfies the need of the user without deteriorating the image quality. Image Height and Width tool is structured flexibly that can be handled by any type of user with ease and convenience. As compared to other Image height and width tool that are very complicated and has hindrance to operate, Image Height and Width tool removes all the obstacles in image altering. In order to use the Image Height and Width tool, you have to follow certain procedures that are described as under:

1. As the image Height and Width tool is expedient to use, user who want to change the image height and width, first visit at an online tool at, then click on the Browse button which is shown on the page to upload the image you need to change. After uploading the image, the popup will appear on the below of the Browse button that renders the complete information about your image.

2. After completing the first step, next step is optional that explains that if you have any planned width regarding browsed image, enter that width in the rectangular box of Enter New Image Width. If you don't have planned width, then proceed to the next step.

3. To reduce image size, select the size that suits you on the Dropdown list of Select New Image Size, mentioned in Kilobytes or Megabytes. In case the size in not mentioned in the Dropdown list, then click on the Other Size option explained in the list and enter your own preferred size for the browsed picture.

4. The tool provides another function that is to Convert To option, format. Choose the preferred format as mentioned in the Dropdown list of Convert To list.

5. After furnishing all these mentioned steps then click on the Convert button, you will be taken to the downloading page of and then hit Download button positioned in the webpage to get your file downloaded. Your file will be downloaded automatically, if does not so, click on Click Here To Download File button to get your output.