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How To Use Image Height and Width Converter Online

It is fun task to use the Image Height and Width Converter Online for ample number of benefits. It is an extraordinary tool powered with number of features like Format Converting from JPG to PNG, PNG to BMP, JPG to ICO, and much more other formats. Apart from Format the size of the images could also be altered from higher Megabytes to lower Megabytes. Thus making the image editing an effortless and uncomplicated job. To understand the process of Image Height and width Converter Online easy instructions are illustrated below:

1. Click on the Browse Button to upload your image from the desired location that you want to alter. Once the image gets uploaded all the genuine characteristics will get displayed in a popup of the main tool of Image Height and width Converter Online, that will comprises of Image Format, Image Size, Image Width and Height.

2. To alter the Width of an Image, click to the Enter New Image Width in the input field and enter your desired Width in the given box. It should be noted that the Height of an Image will automatically get adjusted as per the Width given.

3. Then move to the next option of Select New Image Size, to reduce image size. The sizes are already available at the dropdown list and you have to only select from the list. In case your preferred size is not available in the list, then their is an another option with the name of Other Size in the dropdown list. Click on it and a new panel will display on the main page of Image Height and width Converter Online where you will be facilitated to enter your desired size of your choice.

4. To Convert the format of an image from one layout to another, go to the Convert To option and select your desired format from the dropdown list.

5. After completing all these above steps, Click on the Convert Button, present at the bottom of the panel of Image Height and width Converter Online to download your image. Now your new image is ready for downloading, you will be directed to download page where Download File Here Button will get displayed and you have to make a click on that button and your image will be downloaded, and you can save the edited image into your preferred location.