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How to Use Image Dimension Matlab

Image Dimension Matlab is a new feature developed for the ease of online users, so that they can edit their images in a very instant time with much precision. The tool of Image Dimensions Matlab is time saving and also facilitates the users to overcome from the difficulties that they faced in Matlab formatting. They get free from entering the Indexes and Algorithms. To use the Image Dimension Matlab, follow the certain instructions that are illustrated below:

1. Go to the homepage of the Domain at and Click On the Browse Button to upload an Image. Once the image gets uploaded all the Original Characteristics will get displayed at the interface of Image Dimensions Matlab platform that will comprises of Image Format, Image Size, Image Width, and Height.

2. Then go to the Enter New Image Width and enter the required Width in the box, to alter the dimension of the image. Users should note that the Height of the Image will automatically get adjusted with the selected Width.

3. To reduce image size, Click on the Select New Image Size option present at the interface of the Image Dimensions Matlab, and select the desired Size from the dropdown list. If you couldn't find the desired size from the list, then Click on the Other Size Option from the same dropdown list and a new tab will get displayed where the user will be facilitated to enter his preferred Size in Kb's or Mb's.

4. Afterwards go to the Convert To button available at the platform of Image Dimensions Matlab, to change the format of image from one layout to another. The users have to select the desired format available at the dropdown menu.

5. Completing all the above steps, your edited image will be ready to get downloaded and for this Click on the Convert Button that is present at the bottom of the panel. After clicking on the Convert button a new button will appear with the name of Download File Here at the tool of Image Dimensions Matlab. Click on this button and save the image at your desired location on the Computer of a Mobile Phone.