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Getting Started With Image Dimensions For Twitter

Image Dimensions For Twitter is used vastly for all the image resizing requirements to put them on Twitter. Twitter requires the specific dimensions for uploading an image on its portal with regard to height as well as width of an image and in order to match the requirements of Twitter, Image Dimensions For Twitter tool does all these tasks with ease. Besides resizing an image, Image Dimensions For Twitter also performs the functions to convert the format of an image and change the size of an image as well. Following are the guidelines on how to use Image Dimensions For Twitter:

1. First you can click on Browse button to select the image that you want to resize or alter. After selecting the image, it will instantly get uploaded to the web portal. After image gets uploaded, all the image details like image size, width, height and format will get shown up in a box just below the Browse button.

2. In case you need to change the width of your selected image, you have to click on Enter New Image Width button and have to enter the new image width according to your requirement.

3. To reduce image size, make a click on Select New Image Size button and choose from the drop down menu of image size, if there is no required size available in the drop down menu then click on Other Size option, which lets you to enter your desired image size.

4. If you want to transform the format of image, you have to click on Convert To button and have to select from the drop down list of image formats.

5. After making all these changes to your selected image click on Convert button to make your new customized image ready to download. On clicking Convert button you will be steered to download page. Click on Download File Here button and downloading of new image will be initiated, in case download does not start automatically then make a click on Click Here To Download File button and download will start instantly.