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Functionality of Image Dimensions For Social Media

Image Dimensions For Social Media a tool that is available on website to help their users for changing and altering their pictures for the purpose of social networking sites. The interface allows the user to alter the height and width of the image, change format of the file, and even the size of the file. To understand the working of Image Dimensions For Social Media, read the sentences mentioned below:

1. Firstly you have to visit the online platform of the Image Dimensions For Social Media at and you will be redirected to the interface page.

2. In the second step you can upload your images that needs to be changed. The image will be uploaded along with the details of its current dimensions like Format, Width, Height, etc.

3. In this step you can start specifying your changes, in the first field you can alter the width of your image and once you enter the new width in the Enter New Image Width option available at the tool of Image Dimensions For Social Media, the back end takes the responsibility of changing the height automatically.

4. You can also reduce image size by going to the Select New Image Size option and can select your preferred size from the dropdown list available and and if you couldn't find the desired size from the dropdown list, you can Choose the Other Size Option from list, where you can enter the size of your choice.

5. You can also change the file format from one extension to another extension just in a single click by Selecting the Image format from dropdown list of Convert To option. This innovative option is also available at the platform of Image Dimensions For Social Media.

6. After making all these changes you can click on Convert button for processing. You can simply download it by clicking on the button Download Here File and you will be able to download your new image and can upload it on different social networking sites.