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Working of Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads

Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads is a tool that is designed and used by Facebook users for editing their Ad images. The Facebook users who want to know about the working of this tool can read the points mentioned below:

1. In the first Step Facebook User have to visit the online tool of Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads. The interface will be displayed on the screens will many options.

2. In the second step you can upload your Facebook Ads images By clicking on the Browse Button that needs to be changed. The image will be uploaded along with the details of its current dimensions like format, width, height, etc.

3. In this next step you can start to reduce image size, to the extent you desire for the Facebook Ad image Size and for that go to the Enter New Image Width option present at the tool of Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads and enter your desired Width.

4. You can also change the size of images, by reducing it or by maximizing it. Maximization can cause dry effects on your images and can also weaken your image resolution. Go to the
Select New Image Size option and select the size from the dropdown list and in case your desired size is not available at the Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads, Click on the Other Size Option Present o the list, and a new panel will get displayed where you can enter your desired size.

5. After making all these changes you can click on Convert button for processing and a new option will get displayed with the name of Download File Here. Click on it and save your edited image. In case of your file can't download shortly click on the Click Here To Download File present on the new page of Image Dimensions For Facebook Ads once more and you will be able to download your new image and can upload it on Facebook Ads without any hindrance.