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How To Use Image Dimensions CSS

The results obtained by employing Image Dimensions CSS surpass the results that are availed by traditional with the incorporation of CSS and unlike CSS one does not need to be a computing expert to handle Image Dimensions CSS. has schemed the interface of the Image Dimensions CSS to be interactive, so that the user can avail only those services that are relevant to them. The processes involved in Image Dimensions CSS are cited below:

1. To upload the desired Image on Image Dimensions CSS, click on the Browse button that is present on the panel. When the Image is uploaded on the server of, a box will appear on the panel showing the current statistics of the Image like Size, Width, Height and Format.

2. In case you want to change the width of the Image, enter the coordinates in the field of Enter New Image Width. When you enter the width of your preference, the suitable Height will be judged automatically by Image Dimensions CSS. If your task is not based on altering the Image resolution then leave the field blank and proceed further.

3. With the assistance from Image Dimensions CSS you can also reduce image size. From the Dropdown List of the Select New Image Size option, select the Size that you seek for the Image, you can also register a Size of your own coordinates in terms of KB's or MB's by clicking on the Other Size option.

4. The Image Dimensions CSS also acts as medium for you to convert Images. Click on the Dropdown list of the Convert To option and select the Format. In case you do not want to convert the Image, proceed without making any changes to the List.

5. Click on the Convert button after all the fields of Image Dimensions CSS are briefed and you will be taken to the download page, where by clicking the Download File Here button your download will be automatically initiated. In case for some valid reasons the download did not start instantly, click on the Click Here To Download File button one more time.