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How To Use Image Dimension Measuring System

Image Dimension Measuring System is the latest ingenious online image resizing platform developed and restored by the Image Dimension Measuring System provides the hassle free service to its users and the output results are of high quality and as per the aspirations of the Users. The interface specified in the web portal of are easy to use and produce the output results within minutes by more than three clicks on your personal computer. Following are the instructions that user needs to follow.

1. To insert a image on the web portal of click on the Browse button and select the image whose dimensions you want to change such as the Width, Size or Format of the image. Image Dimension Measuring System has a specified tool box at the top that displays the original characteristics of the image such as Width, resolutions and format of the image.

2. Image Dimension Measuring System lets you the option to change the width of the image by click on the Enter New Image Width panel and enter the required width of the image in the specified interface provided. If you doesn't want to change the width of the image then leave the interface blank and move forward.

3. Now click on the Dropdown button of Select New Image Size , to reduce image size, and enter the data of the image in the specified interface. You can enter the size of image in the interface provided from 200KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB. If you doesn't find the accurate size from the Dropdown list then click on the Other Size option that is present at the top of Dropdown button and enter the appropriate size parameters in the concerned interface.

4. After this you can change the format of the image by clicking on the Convert To button of the web tool of and select the desired format of the image. You can change the format of the image from JPG to PNG, PNG to GIF, etc.

5. Soon after performing all the above formalities, click on the Convert button that would display the download page of the resizing image. Now click on the Download File Here button that would automatically download the requisite image that you could save at your desired location in your computer for various purposes.