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Functionality of Image Dimension Converter

Image Dimension Converter is a platform that helps you in editing your pictures in a quiet unique way. The tool of Image Dimension Converter is used to change the dimensions i.e Width and Height of the image without effecting the quality and resolution of the image. To understand the working of Image Dimension Converter you can read easily these points mentioned below:

1. Firstly, you have to visit the official website of image resizer i.e and the interface of Image Dimension Converter will be displayed on your screen.

2. You can start your editing by clicking on the Browse button, so that your image can be uploaded on the front end of your interface along with the details of your image dimensions.

3. The third step is to mention your new dimensions in the blank field, where the caption is Enter New Image Width. Once you enter the new width the appropriate height will be calculated automatically by Image Dimension Converter.

4.In this step, you can also brief the inputs to reduce image size. The various sizes that are already present at the Dropdown List of Select New Image Size option, ranges from 200 KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's. If you seek to enter the size of your preference, click on the Other Size option and enter your preferred size in term of KB's or MB's.

5. The Image Dimension Converter, moreover allows you to convert the image from one format to the other. Click on the Dropdown List of the Convert To option and select the desired format for the resultant image.

6. After putting all the desired values in the fields of Image Dimension Converter, click on the Convert button, which will take you to the download page. Click on the Download File Here button and your Image will begin to download shortly. In case if it does not, again click on the Click Here To Download File button and specify the desired location.