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Instructions To Use Image Converter

Image Converter transforms your image's format to distinct formats as GIF, ICO, BMP, PNG and many more formats. Image Converter is among the leading web tools which assists you to make your images more catchy and much suitable. Image Converter does the wide range of converting the format of images into further formats. If you have to upload image of yours on some online platform but your image does not support that platform, so you can convert the format of your image instantly anytime, anywhere without any requirement for web portal. Below are listed the instructions on how to use the Image Converter.

1. On the interface of the, there is a panel on which certain tabs are available for the converting process of your image.

2. For selecting an image for the altering process there is a Browse button that allows you to select the image from your computer system for converting procedure.

3. Soon after uploading an image, a box will appear showing all the image related details, in case you want to change the Width of your selected image you have to click on Enter New Image Width that let you to provide a new width for your selected image.

4. If you need to reduce image size, then there is even a tab for changing the size of your image, you have to click on Select New Image Size and have to choose new size.

5. Convert To option lets you to convert the format or configuration of your selected image into other formats.

6. Performing all these steps to customize your image now click on the Convert button to make your image ready to download. After clicking on the Convert button, now your image is ready to be downloaded, you will be directed to download page where Download File Here button is available, you have to make a click on that button and your image will be downloaded shortly.