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Procedure To Use Image area coordinates

The has set up the Image area coordinates with the most magnificent and User friendly interface that makes the Image area coordinates an easier task. On the portal all the necessary steps regarding to Image area coordinates are arranged in convenient sequenced way that are easy to follow. The steps that you have to follow to Use Image area coordinates tool are as under:

1. Firstly, after visiting the website you have to click on the Browse button that is available in the portal. The Image area coordinates will provide you information about the Size, Width, Format of the image that will appear after the Image has been successfully uploaded on the portal of

2. In the second field, You can provide your desired inputs of Width in the option Enter New Image Width that offers you to provide a new width for your selected image the most specific attribute of this portal is that the height of the image gets adjusted automatically.

3. When you proceed further to the next step of the portal, you will find the option Select New Image Size. This field of the portal allows you to reduce image size.

4. After changing the size of the image, carry on to the next step, click on Convert To option. This specific option supports you to change the file Layout from one Format to another Format. if you do not want to format the layout of your image then skip the option to proceed further.

5. In the final step of Image area coordinates, you need to click on Convert button to get access to the download page. where you have to click on the Download File Here button that will initiate downloading the image automatically. If any how no response then again click on Click Here To Download File button again and your image will be downloaded.