How To Shrink Image Steps To Keep Quality Lossless

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Working With How To Shrink Image

It is very easy way to shrink the images by using the latest online tool How To Shrink Image, provided by the, by using the tool that gives an unique experience to the user to perform image shrinking operations. To shrink your photos with assistance from How To Shrink Image follow the simple steps cited below:

1. Select an image from your storage, by clicking on the Browse button and How To Shrink Image will upload your image of any size or format on the server. The page will display all the original data of the image in a text box that consists its Original Size, Width, Height and Format as well. The specific details will remain unchanged until you will modify the image with your desired coordinates.

2. Enter the new required Width in the input field of Enter New Image Width option, to change the width of the picture and How To Shrink Image will automatically predict the suitable size of the image. If you do not wish to change the alter the resolution of the image, proceed without making any changes.

3. On the option of Select New Image Size, click on the Dropdown List to reduce image size. The size ranges available in the List are 200KB to 1000KB and 1MB to 10MB. If you couldn't find the required size from the Dropdown List, then you click on the Other Size option, which is available in the Dropdown List, a new input field will be displayed below where you can enter the size of your choice in KB's or MB's.

4. If you have need to change image format then click Dropdown list of Convert To option and select the format you need, How To Shrink Image comprises formats like JPG, BMP, ICO GIF, GIF, JPG, etc. After selecting format the image will get transformed into another format.

5. By specifying all the details you need, click on the Convert button that is fixed at the bottom. By clicking at the Convert a new window is shown where Download File Here button will get displayed below the Browse button.

6. Click on the Download File Here Button and save the image in your Computer storage, if your download does not start automatically then Click Here To Download File Button in once more.