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Steps To Use Crop Image Online is the most innovative and influential portal that has made the task of Image Editing very simple and conveys most accurate results to the users. A user no more need to face any complications while editing an image online. For carrying out the tasks in Crop Image Online a user need to follow the following steps that would obviously make this task easier for him:

1. To commence the operation regarding Crop Image Online, click on the Browse Button to upload the desired image on Crop Image Online, that is equipped by The image will be uploaded instantly on the Crop Image Online and a rectangle shaped box will appear that will show current Size, Width, Format etc. of the image and these attributes remain constant unless you decide to make an alteration.

2. Crop Image Online, moreover assists you to change the width of the image, here you can enter the new required Width in Enter New Image Width field that is displayed in the panel. The Height of the image gets automatically adjusted by Crop Image Online. Leave the field blank, if you do not want to change the Width of the Image.

3. Click on the Dropdown list of Select New Image Size option, available on the panel of Crop Image Online, to reduce image size. The available Sizes in the List range from 200 Kilobytes to 10 Megabytes. The Other Size option is also made available in case you want to signify a Size of your own preference in terms of KB's or MB's.

4. Crop Image Online, also lets you to convert the image from one format into another. To change the Format of the image, click on the Dropdown Tab of the Convert To option and select the desirable format for your image. The extensions available for the conversion on Crop Image Online are GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.

5. To proceed towards the download page of Crop Image Online, click on the Convert button and you will be escorted to the download page. Click on Download File Here button and the file will begin to download. However, if after clicking the download button, your download does not initiate, click on the Click Here To Download File button.