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Steps To Create Small Image Online

Online Online portal contains number of functions that pertains more reliable and accurate results to the users to Create Small Image Online. To perform the operations regarding the requirements, a user needs to use the portal that will assist him to Edit/optimize Image online. Given below are the steps that will obliviously help you to Create Small Image online without facing any complications:

1. In the first step of the Create Small Image Online tool, click on the Browse button and the image panel will be displayed where you need to select the desired image that you want to edit, the image will get automatically uploaded in the portal. Here the portal will display you all the information about the size, width and height of the image that you have selected.

2. After selecting the image, the tool of Create Small Image Online provides you the next step that is Enter new Image width. In this step you can type the new Width to resize your picture width and one of the most special feature of this portal is that the height of the image gets automatically adjusted as per the width of the image. If you do not need to alter the image with then skip the option to proceed to the next step.

3. The third step of the Create Small Image Online possesses Select New image size option that assists you to reduce image size according to your requirements. To perform this operation you need to click on the button, Dropdown list will get appeared, containing size of images both in Kilobytes and Megabytes. Then click on the required size to proceed further.

4. The fourth step of the Create Small Image Online contains Convert To option that helps you to convert your required image into different formats that gets displayed in a Dropdown list after clicking on the button. Here you can select the desired format in which you want to convert your image.

5. After finishing all the specified fields, you need to click on the Convert Button to proceed further that will take you to the download page. Here you have to single click on Download Here File and your image will automatically get started to download. If the image will not get downloaded, then click on Click Here To Download File button once more.