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Using Compress PNG

The Compress PNG is an online tool that is used for performing Compression operations on the PNG Image files without degrading the Image Quality. A series of simple steps will guide you to perform PNG Compression within a brisk period of time and they are enlisted below:

1. The has drafted the Graphical Interface of the Compress PNG in a manner that is easily understandable. To upload a PNG Image of your choice on Compress PNG, click on the Browse button positioned at the top of the Compress PNG panel. When your PNG Image file is uploaded on the server of, a small text box will appear, that is devised to acknowledge you with the current dimensions of the PNG Image file.

2. In the field adjacent to the Enter New Image Width option, enter the new Width of the Image that you seek. You do not have to worry about the Height of the Image, as the Compress PNG is capable of generating the Height of the Image automatically.

3. The Size of the output Image can also be changed as per your specification in the Select New Image Size option available at the Compress PNG panel. The spectrum of Image Sizes that are made available in the Dropdown List to reduce image size range from 200KB to 1000KB and 1MB to 10MB, if you seek a distinct Size for the resultant Image you can specify it in terms of KB's or MB's in the Other Size option, already available in the List.

4. The Compress PNG also empowers you with a feature that allows you to change the current extension of the Image. On the Convert To option displayed at the panel, select the desired Format from the Dropdown List and in case you do not wish to change the Format, leave the field intact and proceed further.

5. To proceed to the download page of the Compress PNG, click on the Convert button that is made visible on the panel. On the download page of Compress PNG, your download will initiate automatically after clicking the Download File Here button, in case the download does not begin automatically click the Click Here To Download File button one more time.