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Using Compress GIF

The Compress GIF is an online GIF Compression that is equipped with the most innovative User Interface, providing a distinct experience. All the elements surrounding the Compress GIF are presented in an orderly manner, leaving no room for hassles and complications. The Compress GIF by is easy to understand and can be operated by following orderly steps that are cited below:

1. Upload a GIF Image of your choice, irrespective of the Size on Compress GIF by clicking on the Browse button that is made available on the panel. When the Upload process concludes, a dialog box will appear showing the current aspects of the Image.

2. After the Image is uploaded on the Servers of, specify the desired Width that you want for the resultant Image in the field of Enter New Image Width option. The Compress GIF has been schemed to predict the suitable Height of the Image automatically and no compromises are made in terms of Quality.

3. From the Dropdown List of the Select New Image Size option, allowing to reduce image size, select the parameters that you want for the output Image. There are diverse Size cordinates placed in the Dropdown List, in case you want to specify a Size of your own choice you can provide the inputs in terms of Megabytes or Kilobytes by clicking on the Other Size option of the List. If you do not want to alter the Size, leave the field as it is and proceed towards the next step.

4. If you intend to change the Format of the the Image, you can specify it in the Dropdown List of the Convert To option.

5. After providing the essential requisites in all the fields of the Compress GIF, click on the Convert button and you will be escorted to the download page of the Compress GIF. Click on the Download File Here button and your Image will begin to download automatically. In case of Image can't download automatically click Download Button again and your Image.