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Steps To Use Change Image Size

It is very accessible and alluring to change the size of an image by using Change Image Size, developed by The look and interface of the Change Image Size is quiet convenient and unique. An ample number of tasks could be performed by using Change Image Size promising a unique experience to the user. Following are the instructions given below that are ought to be followed to make the proper usage of the Change Image Size.

1. To select an image, Click on the Browse button and select your image of any size or format. Change Image Size will spectacle all the original data of the image that includes its Original Size, Width and Format as well. The specific details will remain unchanged until you will alter the image with your desired specifications.

2. Enter the new required width in the Enter New Image Width option, to change the width of the image, the height of the image will be judged automatically by Change Image Size. If not necessary, you can leave the space blank and proceed further.

3. To reduce image size. click on the Select New Image Size Dropdown List to select the required Size. The size has to be selected from the Dropdown List, and if you couldn't find the desired size from the Dropdown List, you can click on the Other Size option from the Dropdown List, where you can enter the size of your choice in terms Kilobytes or Megabytes.

4. Besides changing the size of the image, you can also convert the image into any other format keeping the original quality by using Change Image Size. Click on the Dropdown List of the Convert To option and the image will get transformed to another format. The Change Image Size converts the format from JPG to GIF, BMP to GIF, JPG to ICO,.

5. By entering all these details, click on the Convert button that is present at the bottom of the panel of Change Image Size. After clicking on the Convert button you will be taken to the download page of Change Image Size, where by clicking on the Download File Here button your download will begin instantly, in case if it does not click on the Click Here To Download File button