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Important Steps to Change Image Size Online is an online portal that enables you to reduce image size without any inconvenience. The resolution and the quality of the image will not get affected by changing the image size online. You can follow the steps given below to change image size online:

1. The initial step you have to perform is to select the image whose size you want to change and for this you need to click the Browse button and you select the desired image. The selected image will get uploaded in the tool of Change Image Size Online automatically with all the information about the image will be displayed.

2. After performing the initial step, the second step is to adjust the width of the image as per your specifications. As far as the height of the image is concerned it will get adjusted automatically, after you adjust the width of the image. You can leave the Enter New Image Widthoption.

3. The third step is regarding the size of the image, as you can select the size of the image by clicking on the dropdown button of the Select New Image Size option that will display the different sizes of the image in the creative tool of Change Image Size Online. The sizes of the image ranges from 200KB to 10MB, among which you have to choose the size as per your specifications. If your specifications doesn't meet the given sizes, click on another option of Other Size available in the dropdown button where you can enter your desired size.

4. Next step is to convert the format of the image, for that go to the dropdown button of the Convert To where number of formats are available ranging from JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD, etc.

5. When you complete all the above steps successfully, click on the Convert button that appears at the bottom of the interface of Change Image Size Online and will give you access to the download page. After that you can click on the Download Button and the image will be downloaded, and in case download can't begin, click on the Click Here To Download File button.