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Working With Resize Reduce JPG

Resize Reduce JPG is an online JPG Image Size Altering component that facilitates you to alter the Size of JPG Image files. All the components participating in Resize Reduce JPG are present in a systematic manner on the panel present on the Interface. To use the Resize Reduce JPG follow the steps that are cited below:

1. On the panel of the Resize Reduce JPG, click on the Browse button to upload a JPG Image you want to Resize/Reduce. After the Image is successfully uploaded on the Server of, a text box will appear on the panel showing the current parameters related to the Image.

2. To change the Width of the Image file, enter the parameters in the field of Enter New Image Width. The has designed the Resize Reduce JPG to predict the Height of the Image automatically. Leave the field as it is in case you do not want to modify the current resolution of the Image.

3. Select the desired Size of the Image from the Dropdown List of the Select New Image Size option. The sizes that are already available range from 200KB to 10MB, click on the Other Size option if you want to specify a Size of your own preference in terms of Kilobytes or Megabytes. No matter to which extent you desire to reduce image size, the Image Quality will not be effected.

4. In case you are looking to convert the Image file into any distinct Format, you can select the desired Format from the Dropdown List of the Convert To option as various Formats have been made available for the convenience of the Users.

5. After citing all the parameters in each field, click on the Convert button located at the bottom of the Resize Reduce JPG panel and you will be transferred to the download page of the Resize Reduce JPG where your download will begin automatically after clicking the Download File Here button. If the download does not begin click the Download button one more time.